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Advanced Educational Psychology 2nd Edition written by S. K. Mangal and this is Great Book to prepare civil services and state PCS with psychology as a subject. Advanced Educational Psychology Covers all Educational Portions as uses as Competitive  exams like TET and Which one as Psychology as a Main Subject.
Its Covers Following Contents : Psychology-Meaning, Nature and Scope, Educational Psychology-Meaning, Nature and Scope, Methods of Educational Psychology, Systems or Schools of Psychology and Their Bearing on Education, Psychoanalysis-Freud's System of Psychology, Adler's System of Individual Psychology, Analytical Psychology-Jung's System of Psychology, Piaget's Developmental Psychology and its Bearing on Education, Psychology of Growth and Development, Psychology of Individual Differences, Psychology of Motivation.Attention, Nature and Theories of Learning, Transfer of Learning or Training, Memory-Remembering and Forgetting.Intelligence, Emotional Development and Emotional Intelligence.Creativity, Psychology of Thinking, Reasoning and Problem-solving Aptitude, Personality, Educating Exceptional Children, Learning Disabilities and Learning Disabled Children, Psychology of Adjustment.

Total Pages : 536 Pages 
Publisher : Phi Learning 
Author : S. K. Mangal 
Price : 
List Price : Rs. 275
Our Price : Rs. 226 
Save : 18% 

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